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Dragonfly is a non-profit friends association that raises funds to accomplish projects in Cambodia. Our focus is set on encouraging young adults who reach the age where they have to leave all types of youth-shelters including orphanages, those for women and street children as well as youths from deprived rural backgrounds.


Why young adults?

Many of the youths which are brought up outside their family-unit tend to loose contact to their communities. This in turn often leads to an erosion of their cultural identity and values. Once they come of age and have to leave the organisation which has provided them with shelter, they feel disorientated and find it difficult to cope with all the challenges in front of them.

The same lack of prospects is a major challenge for youths in the countryside, which often live in extreme poverty. Most have no occupational perspective due to poor education and an insufficient social infrastructure. To support their families they often have to accept underpaid jobs, working in horrendous conditions and this without any prospect for the future. 


It is Dragonfly’s aim to be a sustainable part of a brighter future. 



The association was founded in December 2010 with the purpose to support the projects in Cambodia ideationally and financially. People and companies can become a member or donate. Dragonfly is a non-profit, non-political and non-religious association.


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