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Last but not least



Before we wave goodbye to the year 2014 (which will stay in our memories as a very eventful and exciting year), we want to take the opportunity to share these (great and important) news with you.

But not so fast. Before you read the news, we from the Dragonfly Association and from the HAVEN Training Restaurant want to thank you for your loyalty, your support and your friendship. Without you we wouldn't be where we are and couldn't do what we do: which is giving disadvantaged young adults here in Cambodia a real chance in life.


Thank you!


The Happy News – Christmas with Dragonfly

Our Dragonfly Christmas cards and presents were a huge success. We thank all of you who are giving your loved ones a Dragonfly-treat for Christmas this year – and therefore supporting our training programme, where vulnerable young people get quality work skills as well as important life skills for their future.


The Good News – Donations to Dragonfly are now tax-deductible

Giving is now even better with Dragonfly. As per the end of July the department for finance and social affairs of the canton Thurgau, after consultation with the cantonal tax department, decided that donations made to Dragonfly are tax-deductible. This decision applies for all cantons in Switzerland. This is a huge success for us and shows that our work is also being appreciated by the Swiss Authorities.

Following this decision Dragonfly will automatically send a donation receipt (for your next tax declaration) in January 2015 to everyone who donated at least CHF 100.00 in 2014. Of course we can also provide a donation receipt for smaller amounts. These can be ordered by Sara's email (

As you can see, your generosity is rewarded even more now. And with Dragonfly we give you the chance to end 2014 with a big heart, good karma and a tax exemption. Every donation counts! Please CLICK HERE to learn how you can donate and support our training programmes.


The Important News – We have new Bank Accounts

The Dragonfly Association has switched to a new bank. Since November 2014 we have our donation account and our membership account with the Thurgauer Kantonalbank in Weinfelden, Switzerland. Our "old" accounts at the Clientis Bank still exist, but will be balanced (closed) in the course of 2015.

For this reason we ask you to change to the new accounts as soon as possible. The payment slips for the new accounts are already in circulation since November and you can find all the new account information on our website. Just CLICK HERE.


The Precious News – Permanent Positions for all our Graduates

In October we wrote you about the graduation of the HAVEN trainees 2013/14 and also wrote that they would all go off to do their 3-month internships as different places around town.

These three months are over now and we are delighted to bring you the great and truly precious news that five out of the seven graduates got a permanent position at their respective place (in the picture below you can see an extremely happy Sareth at her new work space).

For the two boys who didn't get a permanent position (because the hotel didn't have any free vacancies) we already have other interested work places where they can start immediately.

For us this is a truly great way to end the year.


We wish you a joyful holiday season and

a very healthy and happy 2015.



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