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The next HAVEN



The title says it all. And we cannot think of better news for our first blog in 2015.

First things first

Actually we wanted to save the best for last... but we can't! We are so excited we just have to tell you now, first thing: 
(And therefore got started right away with Plan B).

It was love on first sight. Seriously, when we first set foot on this property at the end of 2014 we knew right away that this was it! We knew this traditional and relatively well preserved Khmer house from the 1960's, surrounded by a large garden full of old trees and tall palm trees, just had to become the next and bigger HAVEN Training Restaurant. 


So we started with what turned out to be the longest contract negotiations ever... but with the result of us signing a very good and fair contract for both parties in mid January and securing the (in our eyes) most beautiful piece of land in town for the next 10 years.

Paul is now drawing the plans while Soklun (our master builder) has started building the property walls.



Just as great!

So this might be second in place in this newsletter, but by no means is it second in importance. 

Do you remember the property we rented for the planned guesthouse (see picture below)? Well, instead of giving the property up (and losing all already made investments) we
- have completely renovated the whole building, building up and tearing down walls and turning the place into our new trainee house. Furthermore we 
- are planning a small organic farm on the empty land next to the house (on the left side) where we can also train our trainees on organic farming.

End of January house mum, her children and all our trainees moved into the new trainee house. It is huge and they have so much space now. Which is also one of the reasons why we decided to use this house for our trainees. With the second HAVEN we will have more and more trainees we need to accommodate and take care of. With this big house we are able to do so and offer all trainees and our house mum and family a nice home for many, many years to come.

And of course we are really excited about the development of the organic farm, which will a) supply both HAVEN Training Restaurants with fresh and organic ingredients and b) will teach our trainees extra knowhow in organic vegetable and spices farming.



Be part of the Dragonfly effect!

Getting started with these projects also means we need to get started again with the fundraisings.

With everything we do our focus is set on supporting disadvantaged young people in Cambodia and giving them the best possible work training and therefore a secure and independent future. 


Our team in Cambodia is continuously working hard with a lot of determination and enthusiasm, putting in all their hearts blood and personal involvement to reach this goal. But we also rely on financial support, to be able to get the projects going and see them through. And this is where you come in and can really help, either with a donation or as a member of the Dragonfly Association.


Thank you for your interest and support.

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