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11/21/2014 | When Plan B turns out to be the better idea | NEWS FROM CAMBODIA

The Dragonfly board in Cambodia has come to an important decision regarding the guesthouse project. After informing the board in Switzerland and getting their approval, we want to inform you right here and now.

10/04/2014 | Change of the training year | NEWS FROM CAMBODIA

This years graduation party was absolutey brilliant. Really, there's no other way to put it.

08/05/2014 | Two construction sites | DRAGONFLY NEWS

We are currently enjoying ourselves with two construction sites. With a real one, with dirt and trucks and all. And with one in our heads, building and working on ideas and concepts and all.

06/30/2014 | Proudproudproud | NEWS FROM CAMBODIA

We are super proud of the Certificate of Excellence that we got from TripAdvisor and all our wonderful guests at HAVEN Training Restaurant. THANK YOU!

05/12/2014 | HAVEN Training Weeks | NEWS FROM CAMBODIA

After four weeks of working behind closed doors, HAVEN Training Restaurant will open again today.

12/18/2013 | Review and Outlook | NEWS FROM CAMBODIA

This week we celebrate «2 Years HAVEN», which in itself is already wonderful. But the best birthday and also Christmas present are you guys, 365 days a year! Then without you, all of this would never have been possible! It was your trust in our big idea and your financial support that enabled us to build and open HAVEN. This trust and your strong belief, that you too can make a big and sustainable difference in the life of a disadvantaged young adult in Cambodia, has accomplished so much!

10/26/2013 | Goodbye Jasmin | NEWS FROM CAMBODIA

For six wonderful months Jasmin worked at the HAVEN Training Restaurant. Six months in which she was so much more than "just" an intern from the Hotelschool Thun. She has become part of the HAVEN Family.

09/09/2013 | The new training year has started | NEWS FROM CAMBODIA

In accordance with our claim «A Project for Cambodia's Youth» this year we have extended our focus to underprivileged young adults living in rural areas, giving them a chance to step out of the poverty cycle, as well as vulnerable young adults from safe shelters, supporting them in their transtition into society.

08/28/2013 | A very proud day | NEWS FROM CAMBODIA

On August 24th we celebrated the graduation of our trainees 2012/13, together with their families, guardians and the whole HAVEN Family.

07/30/2013 | See how time flies | NEWS FROM CAMBODIA

It is well known that time flies when you're either having a good time or you're very busy or you're having a good time being busy. I guess we're going through all three of these versions in turns. But seriously, this is just insane! At the moment time is flying so fast that we can literally feel how we are ageing. One moment we're planning something the next moment this something is already a new mile on memory lane.

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