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The new HAVEN Training Restaurant

With our first HAVEN (on Sok San Road) we managed to achieve break-even after just 18 months (instead of 2-3 years) and therefore no longer depended on donations.


With tourism booming the town center expanded considerably and the lease prices skyrocketed. This proved also to be the case for HAVEN on Sok San Road, where we were confronted with a rent increase by 400% in mid 2015. As a result, we had to admit to ourselves that we would not be able to finance the program anymore. 


Therefore, our original plan to open a second HAVEN that would have been financially supported by the first one, had to be abandoned. 


The new Location

Our new HAVEN is located in the Wat Damnak area and is in a beautiful old Khmer house from the 60's, that combines a special mixture of retro and elegance. We effortully renovated the whole house, taking great care to maintain its character and style.


Behind the house we build a classroom and staff facilities. And we extended the house to build our big HAVEN training kitchen. 


The house is surrounded by a large and lush garden full of tall and old trees and coconut trees. The garden and our own created and organically built patio are a real eye-catcher.


But the whole reconstruction and relocation was a big financial burden for HAVEN.


Which is why we need your help

With your donation you enable the final financing of the construction of HAVEN II, including the financial back-up until we are self-supporting again at our new location.


After this start-up phase we do not intend to depend on further donations for this specific project. 



Your support is really needed now. Help us secure these vocational trainings. Help us help. Donate here


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