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HAVEN Training Restaurant


HAVEN is a sanctuary and training place for disadvantaged and vulnerable young adults. Since the opening in Dec 2011, 38 young Khmer have entered the training programme. 25 have completed their training and found employment while the rest is currently being trained (effective January 2016). 


It is part of our concept to provide a safe haven, hence the name. We accommodate our trainees in a house which is located in the close by neighbourhood of the restaurant. They live under the same roof with a single mother and her two children. The arrangement with the ‘house-mum’ creates a family like structure and ensures an integrated support service for the youths. Apart from housing the trainees HAVEN covers their entire expenses, such as rent, electricity, water and medical costs, food and clothing etc. Additionally they are paid a monthly salary, serving as their personal pocket money. We also provide the school materials and hire instructors for their education.

(The costs for a trainee, in comparison to employing a fully trained, permanent staff, are approx. 70% higher.) 



The training is free of charge for the trainees and lasts 16 months (12 1/2 months at HAVEN, 3 1/2 months doing an internship at another restaurant or hotel). 

Apart from the on-the-job training and the special educational weeks, our trainees also receive English lessons (as do all our staff), computer lessons, life skills workshops and CV & interview trainings.

After graduation HAVEN actively assist their students in finding an appropriate employment. 


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