Meet the Board

Our board is a team of dedicated friends and members who have supported Dragonfly from the very beginning and who all work voluntarily.

Angela Lando, 1975, Zurich

The trained Polydesigner 3D worked for several years as a project manager in three-dimensional design and communications. During this time she also operated as a lecturer for decoration design trainees, which is how she came to her present day profession as a vocational school teacher.

Angela Lando has been friends with Dragonfly founder Sara Wallimann since her early youth. She could follow the passion for the Dragonfly idea from the very beginning. Her own enthusiasm for the project grew fast and it became clear that Angela Lando should get involved as a member of the board where she works with pride and pleasure.

During the first 4 1/2 years of Dragonfly, Angela was active as actuary. At the general meeting in May 2015 she was proposed and elected as the president of the association.

Ruggero De Pellegrini, 1972, Gottlieben

In 1997 Rugy met Dragonfly initiator Sara Wallimann at work. Years later, in early 2011, they met again by chance in Zurich. After talking about the project, Ruggero decided to visit Cambodia for the first time in January 2012. This led to the next decision to resign from his current working place and to start a one-year trip through Asia in 2013. From Lake Constance via Vienna, Moscow and the Trans-Mongolian route through Russia to China, Tibet, Vietnam, Indonesia and Myanmar, the route always led back to Cambodia.

Ruggero De Pellegrini has spent several months in Siem Reap and has been part of Dragonfly and HAVEN from the beginning.

With his professional experience as a computer scientist, in banking and in the trusteeship, he supports Dragonfly as an IT officer and cashier.

Ruggero De Pellegrini now works as a software developer and photographer.

Committee Member
Tanja Feierabend, 1960, Kloten

The trained hairdresser became self-employed after her apprenticeship and ran her own hairdressing salon for 10 years. After the birth of her two children Steffi (former Dragonfly cashier and HAVEN partner) and Matthias she gave up her salon and moved to the Schulhaus Gerlisberg where she worked as a caretaker. Today she works and lives in Kloten. 

Tanja has been a great support for Dragonfly from the beginning and also for her daughter Steffi, who worked at HAVEN during the first years. Tanja has also visited Cambodia several times and was able to witness the birth and development of HAVEN at first hand.