Our Story

The Swiss Dragonfly Association was founded in 2010 by Sara and Paul Wallimann. 

On their two-year world trip (2008-2010) the Swiss couple spent seven months in Cambodia where they worked in an orphanage*** outside Siem Reap.

During this time they had developed a strong bond with Cambodia and the children in the orphanage. But they also recognised a problem that would be faced by these and many other children in similar situations as they came of age. What kind of prospects did these kids have? Where would they go if they had to leave the home?

Paul and Sara decided to create a meaningful next step for these young adults, with a vocational training program based on the Swiss training concept.

The idea for the HAVEN training restaurant was born and with it the foundation of Dragonfly to implement this big idea. 

Since April 2011 Sara and Paul Wallimann have been living and working in Siem Reap, where they built up HAVEN, lead it with their team and train apprentices in the catering industry year after year to become qualified professionals.


«Orphanage tourism is what happens when good intentions and reality don’t quite synch up.»


Over the years orphanages have become a popular tourist attraction. This has resulted in a boom of orphanages, many of which exploit children to raise money. We do not support or recommend visiting or volunteering at orphanages. Please help stop creating more orphans and keep in mind that children are not tourist attractions. Think twice before visiting one. Visit THINKCHILDSAFE.ORG.