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Since the effects of COVID-19 continue to influence and shake up our world, we had to close our training restaurant HAVEN in Siem Reap on March 21, 2020 with a heavy heart and thus also temporarily stop the current training year.
Please read here about the current situation and how you can help.


In December 2011 we opened the HAVEN Training Restaurant in Siem Reap, Cambodia. HAVEN is a place of refuge and training for disadvantaged and vulnerable young adults.  

HAVEN takes in these young people, trains them in gastronomy and is therefore their stepping stone to an independent life. 

In 2017 we built our own bakery to expand the professional training of the trainees and to generate even more apprenticeship places.

Before starting their apprenticeship, the trainees decide whether to train as a chef (including bakery) or as a service specialist. The program lasts a total of 16 months, 12 months of which are completed at HAVEN, followed by 4 months in an external internship. 

Dual-system vocational training
(restaurant, bakery, school)

Our training program is based on the Swiss apprenticeship system, a dual model with on-the-job practical training supplemented by theoretical classes, that we have adapted to the needs in Cambodia.

As there are no public vocational schools in Cambodia, HAVEN is both in one, with the restaurant as a training facility and a small school, which we have built behind the restaurant, for the theoretical part. 

The practical training takes place in the kitchen and in the restaurant and bar, under the guidance of professional cooks and experienced staff. The theory is taught according to the curriculum by dedicated teachers from the respective departments (with subjects such as hygiene, allergies, work safety, etc.) and is supplemented with English and computer lessons.

In addition to training, food, health care and sheltered housing, our apprentices also receive a market-oriented apprentice’s salary as personal pocket money. In addition, we open a personal bank account for each apprentice, where his or her share of the tips is saved. This account is the starting capital for the new life after completion of the apprenticeship. 

Personal development
(Life Skills)

In addition to practical and theoretical vocational training, our program also includes workshops that support our apprentices in their personal development. These workshops cover topics such as critical and creative thinking, conflict management, time management, personal hygiene and health care, alcohol and drug abuse, internet safety, women’s rights and human rights, and financial literacy and planning.

Supervised accommodation
(Trainee House)

During their training our apprentices become a part of our HAVEN Family. They live with our ‘housemother’ (a single mother) and her two children in a house not far from the restaurant. This creates a family atmosphere which enables us to provide holistic care for our apprentices. 

Accommodation, meals, medical care etc. are part of the training package and are free of charge for the apprentices. This allows us to give them the necessary security so that they can concentrate on the training without having to worry about where to sleep or what to eat. 

Job placement
(Internship and after)

After 12 months, the apprentices finish their training at HAVEN and move on to their internships in the various 4-5 star hotels in Siem Reap. The internship is designed as a transition period to allow graduates to gradually break away from HAVEN while getting used to new working environments, colleagues and procedures. During this accompanied transition, the self-confidence of the apprentices is once again massively strengthened.

Before they start their internship, we run workshops where they learn all about their employment rights, how to look for and apply for a job, how to write a CV, prepare for an interview and conduct the interview, and how to get used to a new workplace.

During the internship, the apprentices still live in the Trainee House (together with the trainees who have started the new training year) and are still under our care. In this way we can ensure that they still have a home to go back to and feel a sense of belonging for as long as they need to. 

After the internship, some graduates are hired directly by the company (this depends on their vacancies), while we coach the others until they find a new position (which usually happens within days).

100% of our graduates have a good job after completing their program at HAVEN.